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Auto Union, a name branded by the merging of four auto-companies (DKW, Horch, Audi, and Wanderer), essentially just produce and manufacture the “Audi” make of vehicle, which is why the logo you see is of 4 rings joined together. The Auto Union chairman, Baron Klaus von Oertzen, met and worked with Adolf Hitler (during his time as German Chancellor), Fernidad Porsche, and Karl Benz over the years prior to World War II. Since then, Audi has made over three-dozen different models, most of which have now been discontinued, but the remaining models are constantly improved upon into those we see today. Regardless of the type of Audi you own, they are still recommended and known to many as one of the most reliable luxury cars to date and that's why quality, affordable Audi service is so important.

You should always remain current with maintenance to keep the life of your Audi at its maximum longevity and maximum performance. There is a recommended Audi service schedule that is designed to do precisely that if followed. Of course, there is a time frame based on the model and year of vehicle that you have. Your car should indicate to you when it's time for service with a light indicator, but you want to have a general idea to avoid pushing your vehicle's limits and causing an unwanted issue.

Audi vehicles have three types of service. First is the oil change. The second is Inspection I. After that is Inspection II. Over the course of your Audi's life, your Audi service schedule will look something like this: oil change, Inspection I, oil change, Inspection II, oil change, Inspection I, and so forth. Keep in mind; that you'll want to pay attention to your owner's manual, mileage, and service lights for when you should take in your Audi for servicing.

Obviously changing the oil and oil filter are key items to regularly maintain. Audi drivers in particular can sometimes face wiring and electrical issues, usually caused by aftermarket electronics like stereos or alarms not correctly incorporated with the complex Audi electrical systems. During Inspection I, important parts are inspected such as transmission fluids, fuel tank, and fuel lines, struts and shocks, the exhaust system, and engine coolant. We also verify that all of your lights are working, and check your instrument panels and steering functionality. Inspection II is for your air filter, serpentine belt, oxygen sensor, and spark plugs. Remember that each Inspection is in-between oil changes and that Inspections I and II alternate. That should cover all of your Audi service bases.

Keeping up to date with your Audi’s routine maintenance will ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top shape. The above list may seem overwhelming, but thanks to our reasonable shop rates and expert team, all maintenance will be recommended straight-forward and reasonably priced. If you have any questions about Olympia Audi service or repair, please contact us. European and German cars are our specialty and we take great pride in our work!

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