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Performance Parts WA

Performance Auto Parts in Olympia, WA

Many car enthusiasts have been influenced to race and customize their cars by popular movies like Fast and Furious and Days of Thunder, not to mention Need for Speed and the countless other racing video games out there. The performance parts (generally aftermarket) used in automobile customization are not only good for racing, but they can also provide for a more responsive vehicle which can give you better handling (control), more power (speed and acceleration), better gas mileage, and other benefits that can give you and your automobile more safety, comfort, and value.

When you purchase a vehicle, it's considered “stock,” meaning it has all the components which are there when purchased off the lot. Once you modify anything after the sale, the parts used are considered “aftermarket”. Most of the vehicles you buy are factory stocked for driving situations an average driver can expect. Tuning (modifying) your car with performance parts is a method of personalizing the auto to meet the driver's preference. Believe it or not, most performance cars are rarely used in races. Many tuned vehicles are built for the simple enjoyments of owning and driving them – some drivers love their customized cars so much, that they don't drive them anywhere, keeping them as “show cars”.

Not all performance parts go “under the hood” so to say, as there are quite a number that are exterior modifiers. Some of our favorite modifications are airbags and other methods of lowering/raising vehicles. The less space there is between the bottom of your car and the ground, the more control of your vehicle you have. However, to avoid scraping your car on road bumps it’s best to use a system that lets you easily lower and raise the vehicle. Plus, it just looks sharp.

Some people believe in using performance parts for customization and preference, while others, believe it or not, actually think automobile modifications are illegal. This is definitely not the case, as it is perfectly legal to alter your car, but the law does have some restrictions on the extent to which you customize. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DOT (Department of Transportation) have a set guideline of regulations that must be followed. Before you decide to do any sort of modification to your car, check your local area vehicle code as it may vary from state to state. Remember, each year you have to register your vehicle tabs which could require a vehicle inspection.

Whether you decide to modify your auto with performance parts or not, remember that it is all in personal preference. If you feel as though your car is operating just fine and nothing needs to be changed, leave it be. However, if you want to try to get better gas mileage or give your car an accessory, don't be afraid to do so. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment to get a quote for parts, feel free to contact us!

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