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Volkswagen Auto Repair

Volkswagen Repair Services in Olympia, WA

Reliable VW Service

Volkswagen, loosely translated as “The People's Car” in German, was founded in 1937 and is the top-selling mark of the VW Group. Over the years, the VW brand of vehicle has been influenced by some of the greats, including the founders of Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes, and has now become the second-largest auto manufacturer in the world. The VW Group was created in 1975 and owns the rights for many European and German brands. Volkswagens are known as one of the most reliable car makes to drive; millions of families use VWs for everyday driving and that's why we at Kassel Motorsports believe VW service is important.

No matter how old your Volkswagen is, you should always remain current with maintenance to keep the life of your vehicle at its maximum longevity and maximum performance. There is a recommended VW service schedule that is designed to do precisely that if followed. Bear in mind there is a time frame difference based on the model and year of vehicle that you have. Your car should indicate to you when it's time for service with a light indicator, but you want to have a general idea to avoid pushing your vehicle's limits and possibly causing a bigger issue to arise.

Volkswagens might have an indestructible reputation but they still need oil changes and services just as often as other cars. Owners of various Volkswagen models like GTIs and Jetta’s have to stay on top of maintenance to keep the clutch from slipping and avoid engine sludge. Over the course of your Volkswagen's life, your VW service schedule should include regular oil changes with inspections in between. Keep in mind; that you'll want to pay attention to your owner's manual, mileage, and service lights for when you should take in your Volkswagen for servicing.

During oil change appointments, there are several things you want to do. Obviously changing the oil and oil filter is first and foremost, but you also want to check brake fluid, pads, and rotors, clean the brake contact points and check the parking brake. An inspection, such as the 100,000-mile checkup, will look at the bigger parts such as transmission fluids, fuel tank, and fuel lines, struts and shocks, the exhaust system, engine coolant, instrument panels, and steering functionality. On other VW service visits, you’ll want to focus on smaller vital parts like the air filter, serpentine belt, oxygen sensor, and spark plugs. During every visit, we’ll check out your windshield wipers as well as top off the washer fluid, and antifreeze, and check for any burnt-out lights.

Remember, keeping up to date with your maintenance schedule will ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. The above list may seem overwhelming, but taking it one appointment at a time is the best way to keep your vehicle in working order. If you have any questions about Olympia VW service or repair, please contact us! European and German cars are our specialty and we take great pride in our work!

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